Dog Owners Take Note: Homeowners’ Policies May No Longer Cover Dog Bites

If you own a dog, we encourage you to review your homeowner’s policy. Here’s why. Numerous insurance companies are now adding exclusions to homeowner’s insurance polices noting that the policy will not cover second dog bites. Some companies are taking it a step further and excluding dog bites from the policy entirely.

According to Wisconsin law, if a dog injures or bites a person the dog owner is liable for the full amount of damages caused by their pet. If an owner’s dog bites a person and causes a scar or disfigurement and the owner knew that his/her dog had previously bitten and scarred a person, the owner is now responsible for two times the full amount of damages caused by the dog.

So, take a few moments, contact your insurance agent and be certain that your current homeowners’ policy includes coverage for dog bites.


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