We Would Like to Thank the Community

All of us at Tlusty, Kennedy & Dirks are profoundly grateful to our community for their immense outpouring of support. We want you to know that every card, email, text, message on social media, flower, prayer, kind word and offer of assistance has had a profound impact on us. We have represented Central Wisconsin families for many years and feel blessed to have been of service to our community during those years — it is with sincere gratitude that we thank … Continued

Proposed Bill Limit Rights of those Who Experience Medical Malpractice or Nursing Home Abuse

A newly proposed bill (H.R. 1215 Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017) will make it more difficult for consumers to receive compensation for medical errors or abuse by caretakers or medical professionals. If approved, H.R. 1215 would result in federal control over what has been a state function and would apply to injuries caused by defective medical devices, dangerous pharmaceuticals, medical malpractice, sexual abuse by a medical professional, nursing home neglect or abuse.

Cohabitation — What Happens After a Breakup?

According to data from the National Center of Health Statistics, Millenials and Gen Xers are increasingly living together, rather than get married. The Journal of Marriage and Family also notes that there is a rise in cohabitation in older adults because there are economic benefits of simply living together. It allows older unmarried couples to maintain Social Security benefits from a deceased spouse and protects them from having to assume liability for their partner’s debts.