More Than 100,000 Women Join Gynecological Mesh Lawsuit

A new report by 60 Minutes examines a lawsuit brought by more than 100,000 women against Boston Scientific for life altering pain and injuries caused by their gynecological mesh product. While Boston Scientific and several medical societies claim the medical implant is safe, more than 100,000 women, as well as doctors and plastics engineers disagree.

Why Do People Continue to Text and Drive?

Despite warnings posted on billboards, TV and radio ads, Americans continue to utilize cell phones for talking and texting while driving. According to an article in Time magazine, crash numbers caused by technology-related distracted driving continue to rise despite a decade-long safety campaign. The article notes that U.S. drivers report they use their phones while driving on 88% of all trips and more than 50% of young drivers report they have done so within the last 30 days.

A Lack of Regulations Concerning Sunroofs Has Drivers Concerned

As you look around, you will see that sunroofs in vehicles have become larger — providing passengers with a panoramic view. Unfortunately, the better view afforded by those sunroofs can lead to more injuries when passengers are thrown through the open — or closed — sunroof. As reported in the New York Times, there currently are no government regulations requiring a sunroof (open or closed) to keep a passenger inside the vehicle during a crash. The Times noted that Ford won a … Continued

If You Own a Dog, Pay Attention to Your Homeowner’s Policy Renewal

We encourage dog owners to carefully review their homeowner’s policy renewal letters because a large number of insurance companies are adding exclusions to homeowner’s insurance polices concerning dogs or applying a “Canine Liability Endorsement” (which are riders that require an additional fee) to existent policies.

How Safe Are Implanted Medical Devices?

Most people assume medical devices are rigorously tested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)— like new drugs are — before being approved for use. In fact, most high-risk devices are not. According to a new article, medical interventions “are now the third-leading cause of death in the United States, and devices play an increasing role in that statistic.”