Herbicide with Probable Links to Cancer Found in Cereal

Recently, a jury in San Francisco awarded a school district groundskeeper nearly $290 million in damages because they found that Monsanto’s Roundup and Ranger Pro herbicides likely caused the groundskeeper’s deadly cancer. The jury found that the company failed to warn consumers about the risks posed by these products.   Now, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) reports that glyphosate, the weed-killing chemical used in these products, has been found in large doses in breakfast products that use conventionally grown oats … Continued

The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide and How to Choose a Carbon Monoxide Detector

We recently shared a blog post about the rise in carbon monoxide poisonings caused by keyless cars that were unknowingly left running in garages. It is worth noting that the Mayo Clinic and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) both caution that even knowingly leaving a car running in a garage attached to a home (to warm the vehicle up in winter, for example) — even when the garage door is open — is never safe. As a follow up to … Continued

More ATVs and UTVs May Be Sharing Wisconsin Roads with Vehicles

Recent changes in Wisconsin laws now allow ATVs and UTVs to use roads with speed limits of 35 mph and under. While the off-road vehicles cannot use Interstate highways, they can be allowed on state highways if the DOT approves. Off road vehicles must have headlights and helmets and protective gear are recommended. As we enjoy summer in Wisconsin, let’s be mindful of off-road vehicles — stay alert, drive slowly and give off-road vehicles plenty of space. For more information about … Continued

Boating? Wear a Life Jacket and Limit Alcohol Intake

According to a recent article in the Post Crescent, boating accident fatalities are on the rise in Wisconsin — five years in the last seven years fatalities were above 20. In 2017 alone, there were 106 boating accidents with 79 injuries and 25 deaths. By examining Wisconsin DNR data, the author was able to illustrate that inexperience (as a driver or paddler), excessive alcohol use and failing to wear a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device (PFD) are the major contributing … Continued