Child Support

CHILD SUPPORTMarried or not, parents are legally obligated to provide financial support for their children.  Factors such as bonuses, health insurance premiums, retirement contributions or overtime can cause complexity in child support calculations and Courts have discretion in determining support. Gross income (at times of both parties), the number of children and the placement schedule are also factors that affect child support. There are also different calculations once payors reach a certain “high income” threshold. Payment of variable expenses must also be evaluated.  It is important that you contact a family law attorney to ensure your interests — and those of your children — are protected.

The central Wisconsin law offices offices of Tlusty, Kennedy & Glascock, S.C., will explain to you the variations in child support calculations that may arise in your specific circumstance.  We can also assist parents with:

  • Child Support Enforcement
  • Child Support Arrears
  • Termination of Child Support payment upon child reaching age 18 or graduating

The attorneys at Tlusty, Kennedy & Glascock, S.C., are respectful of parents’ busy schedules and offer flexible appointments for the families we serve in the greater Wausau area, Kronenwetter, Rothschild, Schofield and Weston as well as Marathon, Langlade, Lincoln, Taylor and Wood counties.

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