custodyChild custody family law matters can be contentious — and informal child custody arrangements are not enforceable in Wisconsin courts. To protect the future of your children and secure your rights as a parent, it is critical you contact Tlusty, Kennedy & Glascock, S.C.

Our attorneys will provide you with the best legal strategy to get the custody you are requesting — we understand the challenges mothers and fathers face in the family court system — and offer ongoing support. That support begins during the pending divorce or separation proceedings when initial child placement is temporarily assigned and continues until a final order is received.  Be it the initial temporary order, or the final placement order, once a placement order is put in place by a judge or court commissioner, it is difficult to change. Get representation from the beginning to protect your rights.

Our central Wisconsin family law attorneys assist clients with all the critical steps in child custody cases:

  • Drafting temporary physical placement schedules for the children and securing a court-approved agreement or Temporary Order
  • Mediation services to resolve child custody issues
  • Assistance with obtaining a guardian ad litem (a court-appointed attorney assigned to represent the children), who will interview witnesses and provide the Court a recommendation as to a visitation schedule or legal custody, if necessary
  • Assistance in obtaining a Court ordered psychological evaluation of each parent
  • Representing clients at final hearings when custody and support cannot be agreed upon
  • Obtaining Court Orders when parties cannot agree on approval of medical procedures or use of medications for the child, for example, the necessity of braces, use of ADD  medications, etc.
  • Obtaining Court Orders as to which school the child will attend when the parents have joint placement, live in different school districts and cannot agree which school to enroll the child in
  • Obtaining Court Orders to allow children to travel with a parent when the ex-spouse will not consent
  • Helping Grandparents establish visitation schedules
  • Helping step parents adopt their step-children when the natural parent is not involved in the child’s life
  • Adult adoptions

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