Divorce Mediation Services

Divorce Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Contested divorce is expensive. Not only on your pocketbook, but also on your family and most importantly, your family’s future. Divorce Mediation is an alternative to contested divorce that saves time and money by helping couples resolve their differences, as long as both parties are willing to work together to move forward with their lives. At Tlusty, Kennedy & Glascock, S.C., we’re here to help you reach a mutual agreement and ensure that your paperwork is properly completed for court approval.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Sometimes referred to as a ‘friendly divorce’, a married couple that has filed for divorce on their own can jointly hire one attorney to act as a mediator, for one flat rate. The mediator’s job is to remain neutral and help the separating couple reach a mutual agreement. The mediator also properly completes the written documents that must be given to the judge at the final hearing.

Will Divorce Mediation Work for Us?

Divorce Mediation works for couples that are still civil, still communicating with each other, and are close to an agreement on how you’re planning to divide your marital property and how you’ll divide time with your kids. Divorce Mediation is a collaborative process where both sides must be willing to cooperate and compromise. Although the mediator is here to guide and help you, ultimately YOU control whether an agreement is reached.

What does Divorce Mediation Require?

  1. The ability to civilly communicate with your spouse about the divorce process.
  2. You need to be close to an agreement regarding the separation of assets & debts, child placement and whether maintenance (alimony) is necessary.
  3. The willingness to give and take, fairly, and a mutual belief that it is better to work though divorce issues together than leave your fate to a judge.
  4. Finally, understanding that the marriage is over, and that fighting isn’t going to be healthy for you, your family, or your family’s finances.


How Will Tlusty, Kennedy & Glascock Help?

Our experienced family law attorneys will work with you to finalize an amicable agreement. We will complete the paperwork necessary to present to the judge. If there are minor disagreements, our attorneys will discuss your situation, explain what the law is and offer recommendations. With attorneys who have more than a century of combined family law experience, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work. We will explain what Wisconsin law allows.

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