What is the role of a guardian ad litem?

When a couple divorces or separates, or an issue of legal paternity arises, a guardian ad litem (GAL) is appointed by a judge to represent the best interests of the child/children in instances where the parents cannot come to an agreement about legal custody or physical placement of the children. A GAL also can be appointed by the court if the judge has concerns about the welfare of a child or in cases involving monetary settlement for an injury to … Continued

What Is a Restraining Order and How Do I Get One?

If you are afraid for your safety, you have the right to protect yourself and can file for a restraining order and/or an injunction. Restraining orders, which are issued by state courts, are temporary orders that set restrictions on the person you fear. The restraining orders can mandate that the person may not contact you for any reason, could set limits as to how close the person can get to you or bar the person from coming to your home, … Continued

Help Protect Family Law Legal Representatives

In honor of those who lost their lives on March 22, 2017, we would like to share the following message from Robyn J. De Vos, Legal/legislative Chair, Wausau Metro Strong:   On March 22, 2017 Sara Quirt-Sann was killed.  The sole motive for her murder was that she was the attorney representing the killer’s estranged spouse. The gunman also killed two of his estranged wife’s co-workers, Dianne Look and Karen Barclay and a Police Detective, Jason Weiland.  It was a … Continued

Breastfeeding Rights for Mothers in Wisconsin

It’s important that breastfeeding mothers in Wisconsin be aware of their right to breastfeed in public and at their workplace, and that employers be aware of their responsibilities to provide their female employees with the proper accommodations.